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Evogene is looking for a Genomic Product Manager to Lead the GeneRator AI multidisciplinary product team. This is a key role managing the development of a portfolio of innovative computational and experimental tools, specifically aimed at the industrial, pharma and ag -genomic based product development. In addition, the role includes managing research activities by operating developed computational and experimental tools.

Main responsibilities:

  • Manage the development of computational and generic experimental end-to end genomic based pipelines.
  • Translating customers’ needs to the biological requirements into product tailored programs and constructing work plans accordingly.
  • Collaborate with customers and third parties to define requirements for new products or extensions to existing products.
  • Work closely with customers and field teams to validate early product definitions.


  • PhD in Biology/Bioinformatics/Biochemistry/Computational Biology, with a strong orientation to genetics and genomics.
  • 3 years of R&D experience in either Ag and/or Human industries.
  • 2-4 years of direct product management or marketing experience in the Ag and/or Human pharmaceutical, diagnostics industries; regulated product management experience is preferred.
  • 2 years of experience on Genome editing and/or Synbio technologies – a must.
  • Computational and experimental technological innovation orientation – a must.
  • Ability to organize, coordinate and motivate others within the framework of an interdisciplinary project.
  • Must have experience in managing multiple stakeholders and resolving conflict within team.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills, good presentation skills.

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    Evogene is looking for a Laboratory Technician to join our Experimental technologies group.

    The work includes multiple tasks performing in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell culture and agriculture. The candidate will assist in research processes by performing a variety of technical duties. Position includes responsibility for maintaining and using a variety of specialized equipment.

    Required Academic Education:

    • BSc. in Biological sciences

    Additional Requirements:

    • Previous lab work experience in a biotech company or academy.
    • Experience in basic laboratory procedures and equipment (e.g., preparation of reagents, samples handling, PCR, ELISA assays, data collection procedures).
    • Experience of working in sterile conditions – advantage.
    • Able to multitask and follow detailed protocols.
    • Interested and eager to learn new skills and techniques.

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      Evogene is looking for a Project Manager to lead multi-disciplinary R&D projects that combine software (computational biology), experimental biology and chemistry. The R&D projects are performed per internal and external (e.g. subsidiaries, customers, collaborators) needs. The candidate will report to Head of Project management.

      The position includes:

      • Work closely with customers and Evogene multidisciplinary teams to develop project work plans including objectives, deliverables, timelines, and budget.
      • Identify critical path activities and bottlenecks.
      • Monitor and coordinate the progress of project activities, ensure execution according to plan (milestones objectives and budget).
      • Manage and monitor project workflows and budgets.
      • Mange cross-company interface with various teams, as well as external customers interface.


      • Previous experience of at least 3 years in projects management in the life science industry.
      • Academic qualifications –Bsc/Msc in Biology or other life science field – must.
      • Demonstrated experience leading projects across multidisciplinary teams (R&D, biological and computational teams).
      • Experience in overseeing the execution of project milestones. Managing the priorities and project dependencies.
      • Extensive experience and comfort with Gantt charts, project management softwares and Excel.
      • Experience with software research and development project management practices – big advantage.
      • Financial knowledge and understanding- advantage.
      • Familiarity with Agile methodologies – advantage.

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        Evogene is a leading biotechnology company developing novel products for life science markets using a unique computational predictive biology platform.

        Management position with proven experience as a Linux System Administrator.

        The candidate should be an innovator with proven strategy development and project implementation skills, and a strong leader with some experience leading a team. The candidate will be in charge of developing and administrating Kubernetes based, Peta scale, high throughput computing architecture, as well as managing the DevOps and IT team.

         Required Qualification:

        • Proved knowledge with Kubernetes based ecosystems.
        • Experience in delivery a start 2 end CI/CD infrastructure for a variety of development teams.
        • Experienced Python programmer.
        • Fast and flexible learner, self-learner.
        • Strong Troubleshooting skills.
        • Must be able to think “out-of-the-box” to provide solutions in a non-standard production. environment.

        Required Academic Education:

        • Preferably with a background of exact sciences or equivalent work experience.


        • Very seasoned Linux operating systems architect
        • Managerial (team Leader)/project management experience
        • Administrating experience in the below areas:
          • Public clods – AWS/GCP/Azure/Oracle
          • Sun/ Solaris
          • MySQL/ Oracle SQL/ NoSQL
          • Peta scale Data Warehouses
          • HPC/grid computing

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          Evogene is looking for a Data Generation Technician to join the company’s Data Generation team (Phenotyping & Sampling).

          The team is responsible for collecting data and samples on experiments and validations.

          The DG team members utilizing computational equipment (computers, PDAs, cameras, etc.) while leading other employees (mostly hourly).

          In addition, the team works with imaging and image analysis tools.


          • Academic degree.
          • Strong leading and training skills
          • Out of the box thinker – Often resolving issues on the go and in the field.
          • Ability to work outdoors and in flexible and unusual hours.
          • Ability to be daily exposed to Evogene’s main crops (Maize, Wheat, Soy, Cannabis and model plants) and with liquid nitrogen.
          • Organized, Accurate and Self-managed.

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            Evogene is looking for a bioinformatician with interest in genomics to work with a multi-disciplinary team of bioinformaticians, algorithm developers, software developers and R&D scientists. The bioinformatician will work closely with scientists to understand their analysis needs and provide the best computational biology strategies to deliver the results. The work involves developing, maintaining, and running high-throughput analysis pipelines, as well as collecting, processing, and analyzing large biological datasets.


            • MSc/PhD in Biology/Bioinformatics.
            • Hands-on experience with NGS data analyses.
            • Hands-on experience with bioinformatics tools.
            • Experience in working with Python in Linux environment.


            • Knowledge of bacterial genomics – significant advantage.
            • Knowledge of molecular biology assays – advantage.

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