Job Description:

Evogene’s looking for a Computational Chemistry/ Structural Biology Researcher for the Ag-Chemicals R&D Product Division, that implement target based discovery approaches for the discovery of innovative agro chemicals

The job includes:

  • Leading target assessment, hit discovery, and lead optimization.
  • Responsibility for formulating key scientific questions, translating them into computational approaches and implementing them through the different discovery phases
  • Analyzing and presenting results (the presentation will involve internal and external collaborators from top tier companies)

 Essential Job Qualifications:

  • PhD degree or postdoctoral experience in structural biology, computer aided drug design, chemoinformatics or related field;
  • Experience in small molecules hit-discovery and/or hit/lead optimization;
  • Knowledge of the principles of protein structure, function and modeling;
  • Deep understanding of the principle behind molecular recognition;
  • A solid understanding of quantitative data analysis, data mining
  • Experience with modeling packages (e.g. Discovery Studio, Schrödinger, RDKit, Gromacs, various docking software, etc.).

Additional Job Requirements:

  • A degree in Chemistry is an advantage;
  • Basic programming skills – Unix / Perl / Python / Matlab / R is an advantage
  • Knowledge or familiarity in computational biology – advantage.

Required skills:

  • Demonstrate a high level of communication and problem solving skills to address unusual situations
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills (reviewing, organizing and analyzing information ; documentation; making presentations)
  • Used to work independently and collaborate within multidisciplinary team.
  • Demonstrated ability to innovate and work effectively in a fast-paced, complex, dynamic environment
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills both in in Hebrew and English

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Job Description:

Senior Data Scientist for the Algorithm team to work in close interaction with a multi-disciplinary team of algorithm developers, data scientists, bioinformaticians, and biology researchers. The data scientist will focus on solving key biological questions in the fields of human health and agriculture using innovative computational approaches.

Evogene is an exciting company that has being doing computational predictions and computational biology for 15 years and more. Join a friendly yet challenging professionally environment with family friendly working hours.



M.Sc./Ph.D in Computer Science / Computational Biology or similar area.


At least 4 years of experience in data science, machine learning, deep learning, algorithm development. Computational:

Strong algorithm and statistical knowledge, both theoretical and applicative with proven experience in predictive analyses using machine-learning methods


  • Strong programming skills
  • Hands-on experience in at least one scripting language (e.g. Python, R)
  • Experience working with Databases, Unix/Linux shell scripting.


  • Hand-on in analysis of various biological data (OMICS, medical data, etc)
  • big-data architecture
  • Hands-on in C or C++ or (other analogues language)
  • High-level data structure design.

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Management position with proven experience as a Linux System Administrator.

The candidate should be an innovator with proven strategy development and project implementation skills, and a strong leader with some experience leading a team. He will be in charge of developing and administrating Peta scale high throughput computing architecture, as well as managing the DevOps and IT team.


Required Qualification:

  • Very seasoned Linux operating systems architect
  • Experienced in programing in Perl or Python
  • Fast and flexible learner, self-learner.
  • Strong Troubleshooting skills
  • Must be able to think “out-of-the-box” to provide solutions in a non-standard production environment

Required Academic Education:

  • Preferably with a background of exact sciences or equivalent work experience.


  • Managerial (team Leader)/ project management experience
  • Experience in the below areas:
  • Administrating Sun/ Solaris
  • Administrating My SQL/ Oracle SQL/ NoSQL
  • Administrating Peta scale Data Warehouses
  • Administrating grid computing-SGE or LSF Open LDAP

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Overall manager of experimental planning, setup, responsible for synchronization between operating systems and multiple groups within the company in order to ensure successful biological experiments. The work involves interfacing within a multi-faceted system and requires appropriate professional background and proven organizational ability.

Duties include:
Responsibility for meeting the project targets while maintaining quality standards;
Design, management and monitoring of work programs and budget , taking into account the requirements of the project and capabilities of the technology platforms (molecular laboratory, tissue culture, agronomy, phenotyping, sampling, statistical analysis etc.); Definition and characterization of the work process.

Job requirements

  • BA in Life Sciences – required; BA in plant science, plant protection or microbiology – significant advantage
  • Full command of Excel and the ability to work with data – required
  • Experience in the design and planning of experimental systems – significant advantage.
  • Background in project management- significant advantage.
  • A good understanding of biological systems in general, and plant systems in particular
  • Experience with statistics – an advantage

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Evogene’s labs are seeking for a highly experienced Biochemistry researcher. The position includes development of complex biochemical assays for mode of action studies of new chemicals used in agriculture. Projects include HTP protein expression in various bacterial systems, protein purification from plants and bacteria, establishment of various unique in vitro enzymatic assays and testing new chemical compounds.

Required Academic Education:

  • PhD in Biology specialized in Biochemistry –
  • Extensive experience in establishment of biochemical assays including highly complex enzymatic assays, inhibition assays, In vitro binding assays, enzyme kinetics measurements, thermal shift assays.
  • Background in Molecular biology / Plant Biology / previous work in a biotech company – advantage.
  • English – high level (oral and written).

In case you can not submit the form, please send your CV to:, and state the position's reference number in the e-mail's 'subject' line.